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It is with this logic then, that organizations like Fatah, Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and all the other Palestinian resentence movements definitely have the right to exist and the right to use any civilized methods to obtain their freedom from the horrendous occupation that they are subjected to in the sparse territory that still fragilely remains under their feet.
I'm an easy convert, which may mean I am lacking in identity altogether and flit fragilely through life a dusty-winged butterfly, impressionable as paper.
The thundering scherzo whirled itself into a frenzy but the famous oboe melody was fragilely beautiful, all underpinned by pungent brass and solid bass.
Apartheid's cities, ruined by the advent of democracy and white flight, have afforded, however fragilely, new modes of urban life and living to emerge--new residents set up shop, new signs appear, walls are painted over, rebuilt or torn down; structures take over pavements, parks become soccer fields, parking basements become churches, the fabric of the city is rearranged.
Theories of astronomy and geology and biology that enable us to perceive a universe immeasurably more vast than we had earlier imagined, an earth far more constantly in ferment from the powerful interactions among tectonic plates than we appreciated until very recently, and an ecology far more complexly developed and more fragilely interconnected than ages before us realized, all these scientific perspectives address and can only address the interconnecting causes and effects of beings that have been or are now already in existence.