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He agreed with the Banks new understanding of fragility as a problem that affects all countries, but in varying degrees of magnitude.
Credit unions complete charitable and philanthropic work in many different ways to help alleviate that economic fragility.
This study shows that initiation of anti-osteoporotic therapy following a fragility fracture can reduce subsequent fracture risk by 40 percent over three years and can prevent a subsequent fracture in one out of every 27 patients treated.
The report highlights the persistence of fragility and documents progress across countries since the 1990s, including through detailed analysis of seven country case studies.
Hence as fragility in many African countries remains a major constraint to economic advancement and political stability.
The paper discusses the standard framework used in the literature to analyze the fragility associated with financial institutions that perform maturity and liquidity transformation and the potential factors that amplify or mitigate such fragility.
For there are three main manners to command people's respect, to have them do something: physical strength as a means to force the other to do what I want him to do if he does not want to get physically injured; moral strength by which I can prove the fact that I am superior and oblige the other to take example on me and to imitate my actions; and also the fragility of the vulnerable being.
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), up to 50% of all women and 25% of men over the age of 50 years will sustain fragility fractures in their lifetime.
The meeting had a series of presentations on all the main dimensions of fragility, including that by Lant Pritchett and Michael Woolcock on building state capabilities, resulting from their work under ReCom.
2) Identifying frailty is important because it can predict, who is more likely to have Fragility fractures, that is, fractures resulting from weak hones.
The real power of the MDGs lay in their promise of a better world -- but it has been a promise not kept by everybody, and not felt by all, especially those who remain in persistent poverty in areas of fragility, conflict, and isolation.
Since "fragile" states are generally seen as those lacking state capacity, legitimacy, or will to deliver basic services, much of the policy responses to state fragility have emphasized state building.