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Various factors play a vital role in longevity and function of reattached fragment. These factors include storage media used for tooth fragment, material, and technique used for fragment reattachment.
Through the analysis of simulation results, the relationship between the radius of curvature and the fragment projection angle range is listed in Table 5.
The conventional trans-FCR approach can visualize VLF fragment adequately.
Jesus united in himself the fragments of our lost humanity, in his life, in his death, in his resurrection.
"It is assumed to come from Cave 4 [at Qumran], but in the final analysis it must be said that the provenance of the fragment remains unknown," wrote Martin G.
(18) A brief survey of the physical features (script, written space) of the extant manuscripts suggests that the Marsh's fragment is most likely an eleventh witness to the Miroir cycle.
It also contains separate editions of fragments of four Mahayana sutras in these pressmarks by experts on the respective texts, uniting them with fragments of the same folios from other collections.
The fractured fragment and the maxillary right central incisor were cleaned using pumice and water slurry.
Read each "sentence" carefully, from the capital letter to the period, and identify it as a complete sentence or a fragment.
As several neural structures are compromised when the disc fragment migrate to dorsal epidural space, therefore these patients have more chances of neurological deficits.11,12
Dr Roberts said she studied five bone fragments found in the debris of a log burning fireplace at Mount Pleasant, Bridger's rented cottage in Ceinws, near Machynlleth.
Forensic scientist Linda Ainscough said: "The fragment was 3mm by 2mm so was incredibly small.