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The common structural feature of the substrates was a group that was specifically recognized by the enzyme, a hydrophobic carbon chain as part of the enzyme-generated product (to allow interaction with the reversed-phase LC column to permit chromatographic separation), and a readily fragmentable functional group that directed ion collision-induced dissociation along a dominant fragmentation pathway in the mass spectrometer (improving assay sensitivity) (Fig.
Nitrogen-onium salts based on aromatic heterocycles contain a fragmentable nitrogen-oxygen bond that is homolytically cleaved upon absorption of light.
Again, "the generation of shame is preoccupied with the fragmentable nature of culture" (224) and "the generation of shame defined itself in opposition to certain aspects of humanist ideology" (224).
Nasopore(r), a synthetic fragmentable dressing for transient use has been on the market since June 2003.
We used a fragmentable N-O bond as the cleaving functionality that produces an alkoxy radical and an heteroaromatic radical cation.
The first fragmentable nasal dressing combining compression and patient comfort is now available for clinical use.