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The metabolite M2 eluting at 8.3 min generated fragmental ions at m/z 268, 257, 241, 224 and 211 (Fig.
If Kaprow justified his environmental aesthetic by means of a privileged experience of Pollock's work--"A medium-sized exhibition space with the walls totally covered by Pollocks," he wrote, "offers the most complete and meaningful sense of his art possible"--Oldenburg's "fragmental" understanding pointed toward a facet of the Abstract Expressionist's production he likely never directly encountered: Pollock's fleeting engagements with the sculptura1.
Las rocas se clasifican siguiendo a Le Maitre (2002), considerando que se trata de brechas intrusivas a las cuales se les aplica la nomenclatura de rocas fragmentales piroclasticas de acuerdo a este autor, ademas se aclara que la petrografia se realizo sobre la matriz de las rocas y no sobre los fragmentos liticos de otras unidades que afloran en los alrededores.
My approach of fragmental engagement runs counter to traditional ways of attending to notes and scribbles; however, it is my contention that Sade lived in such a manner that he made his life (as well as his writing) a part of his literary output.
Taphonomy of the "fragmental layer," Cap Rock Member, Ash Hollow Formation, Ogallala Group (Miocene) in northeastern Nebraska.
Although these approaches list many operational details for evaluation, they are organized in a fragmental way, which blurs the distinctive status of budgetary decision-making process.
This proposed stratigraphic relationship supports the interpretation that the tuffaceous and volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks of the Priest Cove Formation represent a distal facies of the mafic flows and fragmental volcanic rocks of the Ross Island Formation.
The fragmental nature of these states created the conditions for abuse by local elite and their metropolitan bosses.
What we got is only fragmental information, hardly suitable to spark confidence.
(37) In part, of course, this statement stems from the public self-deprecation Taylor employed, perhaps unwisely, throughout her career, and the narrative of A Game of Hide and Seek is far from experimental or fragmental. Yet the shifting focalisation and moral ambiguity of its narrative voice, together with its incomplete ending--a transitory embrace between Harriet and Vesey--allows an indirect critique of the unremitting address to a masculinised reader of most Movement poetry, or a middlebrow novel like Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim (1954), which its neat romantic conclusion and clear divisions into 'Them and Us'.
Recovered from the car were seven military-issue high-explosive fragmental hand grenades - capable of killing or maiming at 10 metres - still in their packaging and apparently brand new.
Officers found seven military-issue high-explosive fragmental hand grenades, capable of killing or maiming at 10 metres, still in their packaging and apparently brand new.