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Instead, this book owes much more to a consideration that locates the conditions of fragmentariness on the horizon of historical contingencies and upheavals.
In such passages what stands out, however, is the fragmentariness of Gadda's rendering of the battle, which chimes in with the fragmented image of Dublin in Ulysses, or London in The Waste Land; the depiction of the broken army, reduced to a disorganized throng, recalls the masses that are protagonist of modernist fiction, especially the metropolitan crowds.
What Naum valued in The Waste Land was a fragmentariness that suited his artistic purposes and also allowed him to elide censorship.
This in itself makes the Caribbean a hybrid axis where a multiplicity of races, ethnicities and cultures merge into a bewildering pool leaving no space for unicity but fragmentariness and incoherencies of historical experience (Benitez-Rojo).
The ironic elements in American history can be overcome, in short, only if American idealism comes to terms with the limits of all human striving, the fragmentariness of all human wisdom, the precariousness of all historic configurations of power, and the mixture of good and evil in all human virtue.
Eliot, to dadaism, to fragmentariness and collage of cubism, to the radical experimentation of futurism.
If our life is but the remotest reflection of such a fragment, if we accumulate, at least for a short time, a wealth of themes and weld them into a harmony in which the great counterpoint is maintained from start to finish, so that at last, when it breaks off abruptly, we sing no more than the chorale, "I come before thy throne," we will not bemoan the fragmentariness of life, but rather rejoice in it.
This is a consonance that extends to Levi's attempt at rendering the story in as faithful a manner as possible, despite a certain amount of beautification of the novella that includes reducing the choppiness and fragmentariness of the original through the inclusion of pronouns, causal links, and so on.
It is worth noticing that 'the complete works of Abdul Rahim Kajai' have never been published; in the spirit of the fragmentariness of Kajai's writing activities, that may be considered a good thing.
In a recent essay, DuPlessis discerns that Niedecker's poetry often works through suggestiveness and afterimages, the fragmentariness of her method of condensation constituting more accurately memory as 'a nerve-sense, a vibration, a colour, a rhythm' ('Fusions,' 159).
It is this fragmentariness of the text that best conveys to us the nation in the narrative.
Regarding allegorical works in general, Bainard Cowan has argued that their "obscurity, fragmentariness, and arbitrariness .