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Somewhere in the fragmentary lines 13-19 a son of Zeus -- almost certainly Apollo -- was introduced, though for what purpose is not clear.
Its few remaining pages were occupied by a fragmentary journal.
Having uttered these fragmentary observations, Newman dropped upon his desk and began to write with most marvellous rapidity.
With respect to the terrestrial productions which lived during the Secondary and Palaeozoic periods, it is superfluous to state that our evidence from fossil remains is fragmentary in an extreme degree.
About his life, as about those of many of our earlier writers, there remains only very fragmentary information, which in his case is largely pieced together from scattering entries of various kinds in such documents as court account books and public records of state matters and of lawsuits.
And these fragmentary musical expressions, though sometimes beautiful, were disagreeable, because they were utterly unexpected and not led up to by anything.
Tom's ear and tongue had become accustomed to a great many words and phrases which are understood to be signs of an educated condition; and though he had never really applied his mind to any one of his lessons, the lessons had left a deposit of vague, fragmentary, ineffectual notions.
Contract notice: Comprehensive fragmentary work on high voltage transmission lines in 2016.
It's hard to know what President Ahmadinejad meant from the fragmentary media reports we've seen," Gordon Duguid, a State Department spokesman, told AFP after Ahmadinejad said a prison swap could be arranged.
The fragmentary poetic; eighteenth-century uses of an experimental mode.
However his chosen method of tracing Weller's life through certain of his songs is too fragmentary to give a really lucid picture.
They're spoken by Michael Caine and they're meant as both an admonition and a tip-off that Nolan and his writing partner, brother Jonathan, are venturing back to ``Memento'' territory of fragmentary storytelling where nothing is at it seems.