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4) 'His writings often contains [sic] digressions, turning from one subject to another, but, as Paul Avrich notes, despite their fragmentary nature, his writing abounds in "flashes of insight"'.
The contract is fragmentary comprehensive work on high voltage transmission lines in the year 2017-2018.
It's hard to know what President Ahmadinejad meant from the fragmentary media reports we've seen," Gordon Duguid, a State Department spokesman, told AFP after Ahmadinejad said a prison swap could be arranged.
The fragmentary poetic; eighteenth-century uses of an experimental mode.
However his chosen method of tracing Weller's life through certain of his songs is too fragmentary to give a really lucid picture.
It was quite readable although fragmentary and my correspondent feels sure that it dated from the last war.
Rome police official, Alberto Intini, said umbrella fingerprints were fragmentary.
IN PIECES is a fine anthology celebrating modern fragmentary writing the best way: by providing a sampler of fragments from nearly forty different writers.
Fragmentary fossils of Gansus yumenensis collected earlier had suggested that it was a wading bird similar to today's sandpipers, says Jerald D.
It will be useful for students who have only fragmentary knowledge of the war, if that.
Despite its fragmentary structure, Fur die Kinder holds together because of its recurring themes--the wonderment of childhood (and the child in us all), the experiencing of middle age, the recuperation of memory, its effect on the present.