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military's inventory are lethal grenades, such as fragmentation grenades, and non-lethal grenades such as the M84 stun grenade.
AI also stated that Yylmaz died of a fragmentation grenade according to recent reports.
It was also put to Mr Scobie that on December 4 last year PW Defence sent a fax which was a marketing data sheet for a fragmentation grenade.
I see the top of a Russian-made fragmentation grenade in his hand.
We subsequently ceased manufacture of this type of fragmentation grenade when the final sale was made in 1999.
45 pistol, a shotgun, and a fragmentation grenade were seized from the Kaludins.
Reports said a fragmentation grenade exploded 1:15 a.
A US special forces soldier is reportedly facing disciplinary action for throwing the fragmentation grenade that is thought to have caused her death.
45 pistol, a shotgun and a fragmentation grenade were seized from the Kaludins.
Authorities also recovered a fragmentation grenade from Abdul.
45am, police said, and it appeared that a fragmentation grenade had been thrown at the shop's entrance.