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The basic task of moving data from one location to another on the server shows that a fragmented disk has a major negative impact on the file copy.
Lastly, the original fragmented file has its disk space de-allocated, but only after successful completion of the prior cycles.
Here we present a large-scale analysis of tree-community dynamics in recently fragmented rain forests, using data collected over an 18-yr period.
Migration of woodland birds at a fragmented inland stopover site.
Paradoxically, if the rocky body hurtling toward our planet is fragmented rather than solid, it would be harder to deter.
While DISKEEPER defragments already fragmented files, FRAG GUARD works to consolidate files while they are being written.
Our disks were terribly fragmented, which caused delays in reading the data,'' said Mendrek.
These utilities have shown users that even fairly new systems can be severely fragmented.
Many Fragmentation Analysis Utility users have already found that, even with a seemingly small percentage of fragmented files, frequently accessed files could be in hundreds of pieces.
Throughput gains of two-to-one and higher have been reported after defragmenting highly fragmented NTFS volumes (based on reports from user sites approximately one month after DISKEEPER began shipping).
I can physically see and `feel' the difference between a totally fragmented drive and a 100 percent defragmented drive.