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This is one of the most basic tasks done with server data and, in a severely fragmented environment, showed some of the most significant performance improvements.
Each of these tests was executed on the system when the personal folder was fragmented and defragmented.
It has, nonetheless, grand expectations - specifically, less duplicative paperwork, less cost-shifting from payer-to-payer, and less fragmented care in general (see also "Long-Term Care's Brave New World," Nursing Homes, November/December 1996).
The more fragmented a disk, the more a company is paying for the extra time during which computer users are waiting for fragmented files.
Scientists at the meeting also discussed how the fragmented structure of asteroids might resolve a case of missing mass.
Sunlight striking the exposed surfaces of a recently fragmented comet causes it to expel large amounts of gas and dust.
Once fragmented, they may be passed in small pieces through the urinary system, avoiding the need for open surgery in many cases.
That could explain why Jupiter's gravitational tug on Shoemaker-Levy 9, though minuscule, nonetheless fragmented the object into 20-odd pieces that line up like pearls on a string.
DISKEEPER consolidates fragmented files and space on a disk.
Amnesics also mentioned previously studied but consciously forgotten words after viewing fragmented versions of the words, in which segments of each letter were omitted and the word's identity was ambiguous.