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Other fragments may lack both a subject and a verb, like the following: Into the frying pan.
The total area of the fragments in a dry condition in the planar extension is lower than the area of the absorbent structure in the planar extension.
Though the book's ending is a bit too pat to be believable, the concerns it reveals (from dysfunctional families to grief to child sexual abuse) make Fragments powerful bibliotherapy for older teens comfortable with some harsh language and sexual innuendoes.
A clear resolution of lineage IA clades was not obtained from the nucleotide sequences of the C/preM fragments.
About 150 meters north of where Ralph had been found, they discovered several bone fragments.
Infrared images of the comet taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope and released this week show large amounts of millimeter-to-centimeter-diameter dust particles bridging the large fragments.
As for the bone fragments, a spokesperson for the city's medical examiner told the Associated Press that the office will use a database to try and match the new fragments to any of the 2,749 people who died at the trade center.
Although plain x-rays of the head (anteroposterior and lateral views) can adequately localize metallic fragments, CT is better suited to fully evaluating the course of a projectile and assessing the damage to surrounding soft tissue and bone.
Although DNA analysis systems based on microfluidics technology recently have been commercialized for DNA sequencing applications, these systems do not meet the specific needs of the forensic community due to poor separation resolution of the relatively long fragments (order 100 bps to 400 bps) as well as incompatibility with standard test procedures.
Stability of the whole protein or fragments from the allergens tested ranged from 8 to 60 min, whereas all nonallergen plant proteins tested did not survive in the pepsin digestion assay for more than 15 sec.
In this HIV-1 vaccine, all open reading flames of HTLV-IIIb are expressed as protein fragments to retain all viral T cell epitopes, but destroy protein toxicity, inactivate immune escape functions, and reveal subdominant epitopes.
However, this recommendation is made with the warning that size estimates may be imprecise if any of the standard fragments run anomalously.