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At the beginning of August 1568, realising that he was dying, Llwyd wrote again to Ortelius, sending his manuscript of the Commentarioli Britannicae description is fragmentum, a short historical and geographical description of Britain, as well as his unfinished maps.
The Fragmentum was published in 1572 in Cologne through the efforts of Ortelius; but the maps (Cambriae typus and Angliae regni florentissimi nova descriptio) he published himself, in 1573, in the Additamentum to his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.
From the Fragmentum Pragense, we quote a significant passage that shows this historical and contingent dimension of law: "Sed differt iusticia a iure, quia iusticia est costans, ius autem variabile.
3) Although the title assigned by Petrarch to his work is Rerum vulgarium fragmentum, I have opted for the shorter and more commonplace Canzoniere, preferring it to Rime sparse in this context, so as to avoid confusion with Gaspara Stampa's Rime.
63) Dee's source was likely Humphrey Llwyd's Commentarioli Britannicae Descriptionis Fragmentum, published in 1572, of which Dee owned two copies and from which he may have adopted the phrase "British Empire.
We have already noted how the presence of the term fragmentum in the title of the Petrarchan collection implies the exclusion of the competing term liber.