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It added that Lebanese companies participating in the monthly PMI survey reported frailer demand for goods and services, in addition to slower new orders from abroad for the fourth month in a row.
It's possible that clinicians perceive women as frailer patients than men, "so they tend to be more concerned about safety and, therefore, prescribe women with a lower dose, compromising efficacy," the investigators 5 said.
Some people may be frailer due to age and therefore reluctant to walk at a brisk pace.
Karachi -- Amir Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman on Thursday express concerns over the breakdown of Electricity in Mega City and also condemned frailer performance of K Electric and said that K Electric put the city into darkness.
RAC workers reported their workload had increased and their work was now physically and emotionally harder, as those entering aged-care facilities were frailer.
And Marks looked much frailer with his famous long locks cropped short and sporting a pair of glasses.
WP2 responds to the urgent need to devise milder treatments, especially for older and frailer AML patients.
They could do nothing, save see their cries getting frailer and sinking to sleep-forever.
The source also revealed that the Prince of Wales will be doing less of his campaigning and more of the head of state role, and while the Queen is still in excellent health, she is becoming frailer because of her age.
In the same way that specialized pediatric environments became a norm to cater to the needs of infants and children, geriatric-focused environments are being designed with the special needs of seniors in mind, taking into account issues around safety and diagnoses most identified with an older and often frailer population.
Most men who take calcium supplements tend to be older and frailer and have other health issues, and there's no guarantee that the statistical analyses, however well intentioned, can adequately account for and remove these confounders.
Stevenston, Ayrshire CONCERNING Lorna's reply to my text about whether we should continue to give bus passes to over-60s, I do have a heart and merely meant that, as free bus passes are under threat due to cuts, surely it is better for frailer, older people to have the security of free travel than no one at all.