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He further said that people were facing much difficulty during holy month of Ramzan and K Electric frailer to repair and maintain the electric system.
still human beings, feelings and lots of wisdom and experience, just sometimes frailer, more vulnerable and in need of care, love and understanding.
The retired supernumerary minister, his forehead bandaged following the attack, said: "If I was ten years older and frailer I could have been killed so I would hate it to happen to anyone else.
They add a little spice to her now curtailed life and, as she becomes frailer and more reliant on her family, these stand-ups with you make her feel she's still in charge.
I have been aware for some time that she is slowly getting frailer by the day and whenever we part company I find myself wondering whether it will be the last time we are together.
Campbell has won a battle against cancer but, however harsh, it must be pointed out it has left him looking, and sounding, much frailer than his 64 years.
Now 80, Aldo Ciccolini, courteous and austere, looks frailer than he did on his only other appearance at Symphony Hall.
It's a disgrace that pensioners and frailer people daren't go out at night for fear of being attacked.
The 45-strong workforce, under site manager Jonathan White, are building 40 flats at St James' Village which will be let to older and frailer residents in the new community.
facilities are admitting older, sicker, frailer patients.
We learned a valuable life lesson - the older and frailer they looked, the more they packed in.
One important reason relates to caregiving: Because residents are often older, frailer and more cognitively impaired than those living outside long-term care facilities, they might `give way' suddenly, without warning, when being transferred or ambulated.