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Like the person who resorts to sleeping in the square: he demonstrates his fraility and weakness and proclaims his opposition.
Njihia said Ibrahim was unable to perform his duties, owing to his physical fraility.
Subtle moments of silence shake and devour the notion of spectatorship and expose the fraility of its authority, and a hall of high culture becomes a stage for the absurd.
When by early March this year it seemed possible that Gateshead FC could be making an appearance at Wembley, Bob's friend of more than 50 years, Bill Gibson, and I assured him that should they do so we would, taking account of his increasing fraility, come hell or high water make sure that he got there.
So, the question is, with the bigger challenges of England and Australia to come in the next few months, can we safely say that our worries about middle order fraility were unfounded.
Subaru of North Foreign-based automotive manufacturers that do America business in North America are seeing increased fraility in their North American supply chains.
Also, hardly any Blues fans bothered to make the journey to the East Midlands and, in common with Wales and most of its regions, mental fraility was evident when the pressure was on.
A colourful and pictorial reminder of the fraility of man: artists have recreated what they think the Wheel of Fortune at the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Leominster' How the fresco appears today
and Tiger's fraility with the big stick on a densely tree-lined course with its rough grown up to five inches.
Unfortunately, the defensive fraility which has dogged the Huddersfield side all season was still clearly visible, and particularly exposed by burly left winger Terry Beedham, who scored a try for Wheatley Hills and posed plenty of first-half problems.
But such is Liverpool's away fraility in the Premership, that a majority of fans will spend today and the weekend fearing further humiliation.
Fraility factor equals zero for regression estimates not statistically significantly different from zero.