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I have never met a young person who says they don't want a frailly, a job and a home, it is what we all want.
What might have set this book apart from the current fashion for 'dual' biographies (many of them written by journalists or marketable academics) would have been some concentration on those secondary but equally compelling rivalries which tell us as much about the qualities of greatness, meanness and human frailly as the more titanic battles between political equals: hence, Gladstone's relations with Joseph Chamberlain, Salisbury's with Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill's with Anthony Eden (or even Clement Attlee), Mrs Thatcher's with Michael Heseltine, Gordon Brown's with his constant gadfly irritant, Charles Clarke, would have provided original contrasts against which to set the received picture.
Playful, humoristic, ironic, chaotic, capable of bright sudden metaphors, responding to life's absurdity with an absurd palette of images and language, despising all "officialdom" and everything definite, sometimes grotesque, sometimes too light, but still someone who knows in his depths, to quote one of his haikus, that "The violin of autumn-- / a tree leafless from sadness / chimes frailly."