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The basis of matrimonial bliss is secure, and all thy little defects and frailties are forgiven.
Let me give you an instance of it," she continued, with a shameless relish of the memory of her own frailties.
Think of your own frailties, and have some mercy on mine.
Vanborough, whom she loved; whom she had honestly believed to be a single man; whom she had suspected, up to that moment, of nothing worse than of trying to screen the frailties of his friend.
You are removed, a long way, from the frailties of the crowd.
But, so much more powerful were the frailties of Sloppy's form than the strongest resources of tailoring science, that he now stood before the Council, a perfect Argus in the way of buttons: shining and winking and gleaming and twinkling out of a hundred of those eyes of bright metal, at the dazzled spectators.
MY DEAR PICKWICK,--YOU, my dear friend, are placed far beyond the reach of many mortal frailties and weaknesses which ordinary people cannot overcome.
latest club to punish the Reds' frailties in midweek and the boss expects better Real Madrid became the latest club to punish the Reds' frailties in midweek and the boss expects better against Hull City at Anfield tomorrow.
If you're on the back nine or on the home stretch and you don't get it done, they'll say it's mental frailties.
I have frailties like every human being," says Flowers - not understanding that most people's frailties amount to telling a few porkies, skiving at work or overdoing the wine at dinner.
Frailties Crewe boss Steve Davis bemoaned his side's second-half frailties after their third defeat in four league outings.
YOU SAID: I agree to a degree about our defensive frailties but I do think we still need that elusive scorer, yes we have scored in every game but we fail too often to put sides to the sword (think Forest).