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RACK, punishments. An engine with which to torture a supposed criminal, in order to extort a confession of his supposed crime, and the names of his supposed accomplices. Unknown in the United States.
     2. This instrument, known by the nickname of the Duke of Exeter's daughter, was in use in England. Barr. on the Stat. 866 12 S. & R. 227.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As frame after frame followed it, the swarm beheld the upheaval, exposure, and destruction of all that had been well or ill done in every cranny of their Hive for generations past.
In spite of her immense age (three, years), it rang between the canon-like frames as a pibroch rings in a mountain pass; the fanners changed their note, and repeated it up in every gallery; and the broad-winged drones, burly and eager, ended it on one nerve-thrilling outbreak of bugles: "La Reine le veult!
The Princess's first clear fearless call (Melissa had found her) rose and drummed through all the frames. "La Reine le veult!
Armitage gained the early advantage taking the first frame 68- 29, but Read levelled 70- 41 and then moved ahead winning the third frame 62-26.
As a summary, the techniques for screening the WCE frames or the techniques for reducing the WCE review time thus includes, playing back the WCE video segments at a non-linear frame rate based on their textural content, projecting multiple frames simultaneously on to a single grid [3], fusion or integration of information content of multiple frames to a single frame [4], excluding redundant frames [5,8,10,15 and 21], video abstracting [6,7 and 12], elimination of WCE frames corrupted by gastric juice and bubbles [25-27], screening the frames into informative and non-informative ones [9,11,13,14,16-20,22,23,28 and 29] and rejecting 'out of focus' frames [24].
Will one of you handgun experts please 'splain what the letters describing revolver frames mean?
Since opening Nantucket Frameworks 15 years ago, Richard's clientele has expanded to include galleries, shops, and designers, as well as individual customers who want to frame prints and paintings for their homes.
Over the past years, an increasing number of researchers have pointed out the lack of research to examine how decision makers spontaneously frame choice outcomes and risk information (Bonniot-Cabanac & Cabanac, 2009; He, Guan, Kong, Cao, & Peng, 2014; Peng, Jiang, Miao, Li, & Xiao, 2013).
SAVE Designer taupe fabric photo frame, Debenhams, www.debenhams.com, from PS18 FABRIC FRAME
We propose a new three-step key frame extraction method for efficient video content representation.
Fact.MR has announced the addition of the "Timber Frames Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market insights 2018 to 2028"report to their offering.