frame of reference

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Duterte, the majority of respondents may have a common frame of reference: the fulfillment of the promises he made when he campaigned for the presidency.
We thus see that relativistic mass is an effect similar to length contraction and time dilation in that it is dependent on the difference in velocity v between the object's frame of reference and the frame of reference from which it is measured.
By examining the German military through the prism of a "frame of reference," the authors conclude that "the way the Wehrmacht waged war was no different from the way many fighting forces have" (329).
In the 180[degrees] model-rotation test, 6- and 10-year-old children showed a significant preference for the arm that was defined by the frame of reference provided by the room relative to the other two arms (6-year: both p values = .001; 10-year: both p values <.002; Figure 1E).
Given that a misunderstanding of the range and scope of the firm will precipitate an inaccurate evaluation, it becomes clear that developing a clear frame of reference for the firm's current range and scope is critical.
This is an unusual take on the fact that we still lack a commonly agreed upon frame of reference for terrorism.
There is a simple reason for this, which is that there are national common grounds between the Muslim Brotherhood and these movements, represented by the frame of reference of the state and the nation, while radical Islamist groups want to completely reconsider the meaning and the frames of reference of such a national identity.
Determining position and orientation of an object requires accurate measurement and tracking of motion in 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) relative to some frame of reference. Those 6 DOF include three translations (up/down, forward/backward, left/right) and three rotations (roll, pitch and yaw), based on three MEMS inertial sensors:
Institute, Italy) compile 10 essays by European legal scholars who consider second generation research in European private law after the "Academic" Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR).
This means that consumers respond entirely according to their own independent frame of reference.
The author uses her research findings to develop both innovation-centric and adopter-centric standards adoption checklists as a frame of reference for the decision-making process.
It presents a limited frame of reference for what can be done in a classroom.