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Importantly, the SEC rule added, "Under our final rules, management of a foreign reporting company which relies on such an evaluation framework used in its home country is nevertheless under an obligation to state affirmatively whether its company's internal controls are, or are not, effective.
Additional work is necessary to determine whether these results reflect differences in risk, reveal limitations of QIS4, identify variations in the stages of bank implementation efforts (particularly related to data availability), and, or suggest the need for adjustments to the Basel II Framework.
The AICPA/CICA Privacy Framework is a tool CPAs can use to help entities effectively meet this challenge.
If the mental framework out of which a human activity follows is the 'epistemic ground' of that activity, then from the activity we may proceed toward the mental framework, which must be the epistemology of science we are looking for.
Rich searching capabilities were later added, but only captured Yahoo's own content and only worked in a rigid framework.
Lego components are plug compatible with each other, containing the connectivity framework as an integral feature of the component.
For example, the Genesis database system compiler is a framework for database management systems [Batory et al.
In order to realize the advantages offered by enterprise frameworks, it is critical that decision-makers understand the characteristics of a good enterprise framework [2, 3].
Using X-ray crystallography to probe the crystal's architecture, hoskins found the framework resembles an extra-ariy diamond-like lattice.

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