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To his right, beyond the toy-like jetties, he saw the green slopes framing the Petit Lac in all the marvellous banality of the picturesque made of painted cardboard, with the more distant stretch of water inanimate and shining like a piece of tin.
When framing in the view-finder, I constantly watch the edges, making sure that what is out should be out and what is left in should be in.
The company wanted to emphasize safety in this 30-story office building by having it constructed with a concrete core and a flat plate reinforced concrete framing system.
12) Framing techniques create a particular impression without explicitly revealing support for a particular interpretation of events.
By framing the programs as in crisis, advocates of the GE perspective create pressure for immediate and major changes to these programs.
Bill Rubin's framing radically emphasized the picture as object,'' he said.
6 billion in 2005, with the categories of wall decor (items such as mirrors, wall hangings, wall shelves, decorative clocks and others) and custom framing growing fastest in the four year period covered in the study.
As specialists in period framing for over 20 years, Eli Wilner & Company has worked with museums and auction houses framing priceless works of art.
You may easily find these Graditude frames, as well as Church Hill Classics' many other diploma and document framing options, through the company's www.
Now, your beautiful scrapbook pages can be personalized for holiday gifts by framing them with new PreserveIt Frames(TM).
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries company (NYSE:WOR), today announced that it is introducing to the North American market, Dietrich UltraSTEEL(TM) metal framing products using patented technology of Hadley Industries PLC.