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As the largest fully franchised and privately-held staffing company, Express delivers HR services and staffing support to thousands of clients throughout the United States and Canada.
More women, African Americans and Latinos are climbing the entrepreneurial ladder that is self-employment and realizing the advantages of becoming franchised small-business owners," said International Franchise Association (IFA) President Matthew Shay.
Subject to certain terms and conditions, we will provide up to $125,000 in incentives for a new, converted, or relicensed midscale brand hotel or $50,000 for a similarly franchised economy brand hotel.
Figure 3:2: Total Franchised Units Except Of Dairy, (Number Of Units) 1995-2004
AAMCO is the world's largest chain of transmission specialists, with more than 700 franchised centers from coast to coast.
Entrepreneur reports that "franchising is booming" and "the number of franchised business units has increased 11% in 2005.
There are 332 franchised restaurants in the system, compared to 120 company-operated units.
Pink Sheets:OBDP) is pleased to announce that the grand opening of its first franchised store in Amarillo, Texas was a great success.
There are approximately 320,000 franchised small businesses operating in the U.