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Wendy's Franchisee Junior Bridgeman operates 135 Wendy's restaurants throughout Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.
Whether an emerging or mature brand, you should always focus on driving operational efficiency, lowering overhead cost and driving value to your franchisees and customers.
Another mistake of franchisors is not trusting franchisees. There is a prevalent perception that franchisees will invariably cheat or defraud them.
Another store owner defended the overall 7-Eleven franchisee community.
Iowa code prohibits the franchisor from establishing a new unit in unreasonable proximity to an established franchisee unit if the new unit has an adverse effect on the gross sales of the established franchisee unit.
It is reliably learnt that some franchisees are going all out to get such players, telling them that they would officially meet the IPL requirements on maximum payment for uncapped cricketers and pay the rest under different heads.
Because Cardinal is one of the country's largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, Pendergraft and the attorneys representing PFOA say the company's ownership of a drug store chain presents a conflict of interest and makes it difficult for franchisees to get the best deals on drugs and other products.
A reputable franchisor will be able to provide you with locations and contact numbers for franchisees in your area.
Interviews with franchisees as well as franchisers are revealing, invariably reflecting the disillusionment that apparently settles into most franchise owners within weeks.
One other franchisee also complained about the length of time to put the bouquets together, saying they are "very labor intensive."
If the Franchisor fails to meet its obligations or misrepresents the information that it does provide, the new Act provides specific remedies through which the franchisee may seek recourse.
Even though the taxpayer billed the state agencies on behalf of the franchisees, the Service ruled that the franchisees were selling their own fuel to those agencies.