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The findings are detailed in a report, Disclosure practices in food franchising which detailed that around one in three franchisors are failing to consistently disclose useful contact details of former franchisees.
The results are less royalties for the franchisor and sometimes even termination with associated legal costs for the franchisor and damage to the brand.
Franchisors should realize using other people's money is a huge responsibility.
Senator Schwertner commented that the NLRB actions "called the common understanding of a franchisor-franchisee relationship into question ." That common understanding is that a franchisee is responsible for all employment decisions regarding employees of the franchisee, and the franchisor has no interaction with or authority over the franchisee's employees.
The potential risk and exposure to franchisors that do not structure their arrangements in the GCC to take account of regionally specific issues can be significant.
The businessman who has experience in franchising various brands pointed out a surprising requirement that could be asked by a global franchisor. " A franchisor like McDonalds may demand you [franchisee] to close all your existing brands that conflict with McDonalds in order to legally franchise McDonalds to Cambodia and that is absolutely a difficult choice when you have been already been running many brands."
Indeed, some franchisors have relationships with banks and can help you borrow money, and local enterprise initiatives may supply startup finance.
Consistent content management is administered at the franchisor level and user access can be permitted or prohibited at the franchisor's discretion.
Therefore, franchisors wishing to market franchises in those states were required to develop disclosure packages specially tailored to those states' requirements (or, commonly, to create a standard disclosure package with a separate addendum for each regulating state).
In other words, franchisees who have relatively harmonious relations with the franchisor are less likely to be interested in the results of a study of franchisor-franchisee relations than franchisees whose franchise relationships are not as harmonious.
John Connell, of Glasgow's Caledonian University, author of the report said cases had been found to suggest that some franchisees could achieve greater profitability by linking more closely to their franchisors' centralised IT system.