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This solution fully complies with frangibility, radio-transparency and ICAO visibility standards, and can be designed according to different countries' civil aviation authorities' specifications.
Its publication in March 2006 removed the questions regarding approach lights and their support structures and, at the same time, widened the scope of installations where frangibility is now deemed vital to include several new areas.
With its glass-fibre reinforced plastic poles in the field of instrument landing systems, Europoles satisfies international frangibility regulations.
The replacement of airfield tights and runway approach lighting masts is an ongoing process for airside operation teams, but in 1995 ICAO issued frangibility (flexibility) standards for approach masting.
As well as carrying out its normal duties, it is also working towards meeting recent ICAO frangibility legislation on runway 15, which still has wooden supports for its elevated lights.
FASG has accumulated this experimental data in order to propose frangibility criteria to ICAO and to receive the approval of its member states in the form of Aerodrome Design Manual 6.
Finland's Exel Oy specialises in glass-fibre modular mast designs which are easily adapted to suit the variable wind conditions of different airports and are full-scale impact tested to meet ICAO's year 2005 frangibility ruling.
Juralco's Lattix aluminum masts are manufactured to fulfil stringent frangibility requirements recommended by ICAO, says the company.
Although it sounds like a long time away, many airports around the world are already busy bringing the frangibility of their approach masts in line with new ICAO requirements, which come into force in 2005.