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There is a 50 psig take off (not yet suggested for ventilator transports) and the frangible disc pressure relief valve for added safety.
The frangible projectile of the M-1030 minimizes ricochet hazards currently associated with buckshot breaching and provides a much safer alternative to the Soldier.
The marshals say that their present ammunition should be replaced by frangible bullets "which break into smaller pieces on impact and thus have limited power to exit the target.
UltraSlide has a frangible panel below the profile, resulting in the creation of a hermetic package prior to initial opening.
Whatever it is it doesn't bode well for creatures made of soft tissue and frangible bone.
Current considerations include the introduction of "nontraditional" cartridge materials, such as frangible and organic composites, as well as a completely combustible cartridge case that burns up after dispensing an NL payload over the target area.
Safety levels are high, with electrohydraulic steering, driver and passenger airbags (the latter can be disconnected), frangible pedals and collapsible steering column standard across the range.
By breaking one or two frangible pins at the time of use, the patient will get access to the specific glucose concentration needed.
Loaded with paper-wrapped packs of a variety of chaff lengths, the frangible plastic shells break up in the air stream after being serially ejected from the aft end of the dispenser.
After a strike, the so-called frangible projectile had been ricocheting off the ground and hitting low-flying aircraft, cracking canopies and causing other damage.