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There are tangible reductions in overall manufacturing costs achieved by incorporating frangible seal reagent blisters into the testing device.
There is a 50 psig take off (not yet suggested for ventilator transports) and the frangible disc pressure relief valve for added safety.
yegg Kangaroo words: indolent, rapscallion, amicable, frangible, scion
UltraSlide has a frangible panel below the profile, resulting in the creation of a hermetic package prior to initial opening.
Parachutes and frangible casings are technologies under consideration by developers to achieve this capability.
Advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment such as surge tanks, salt water chlorine generators, in-floor cleaning systems, digital temperature read-outs and frangible walls lift limitations on pool size and shape and inspire imagination.
fusible links or frangible bulbs of sprinkler heads) or integral fire detection systems (e.
To further minimize that risk, the firearm could be loaded with frangible rounds (also called "rat shot"), special ammunition charged with very small pellets that are effective only at short range.
Safety levels are high, with electrohydraulic steering, driver and passenger airbags (the latter can be disconnected), frangible pedals and collapsible steering column standard across the range.
Other kinds of frangible ammunition are on the market, but bismuth rounds are getting high marks for their accuracy, which could open up the lucrative law enforcement market and military markets.
Use of frangible glass for exterior or interior windows, lighting fixtures, mirrors and other applications should be avoided whenever possible.