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The frangible bullet penetrated nearly four feet and held together.
In the recent past, frangible bullets have been made according to two general formulas using mixtures of elements in either powdered or solid forms.
The frangible bullet concept has been around since before World War II, but SinterFire is the first company to overcome the problem of excessive fragility.
With the exception of the frangible bullet loads, the test gun kept everything comfortably inside that margin.
Others created frangible bullets that contain no toxic materials and are reduced to little more than dust on impact.
While it may appear similar to frangible bullets (which are specifically designed to not penetrate barriers), the ARX is meant to hold together.
These are often lightweight target rounds or ultra-high-velocity frangible bullets.
A lot of hunters choose lighter, more frangible bullets for hunting pronghorns, both for a flatter trajectory and to insure bullet expansion at long range on relatively light animals.
Rimfire and centerfire Varmint Express cartridges launch frangible bullets along chalkline trajectories.
When we scanned that photo at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, the caption on the back read "Tail gunner's position of a Boeing YB-40 hit by frangible bullets.