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FRATs take emotions and subjective thinking out of the decision.
We cannot question the usefulness of fraternities in schools, because frat masters are popular with girls.
Not that college students would abandon keggers, campus bars, and frat parties altogether.
FRAT BOY: Jenner Jake is a teenager who joins a Texas university baseball team in 1980, which means moving into the players' digs and indulging in three days of drinking, drugging and attempting to get laid - and that's about it.
Mac and Kelly's meeting with the university dean (Lisa Kudrow) reveals that the frat has only two disciplinary strikes left before it will be disbanded, and the couple instigates an elaborate campaign of sabotage, with Delta house responding in kind.
The Duke frat party thrown by Kappa Sigma was met with immediate backlash, reports (http://www.
Not only does he like hanging out with the guys who belong to this particular frat, he likes the connections members can make with alumni, an impressive list of brothers from across the globe.
ON Valentine's Day there's a Frat Shack special with Tramp Attack.
As for sexual harassment, Rosen may underestimate the healthy deterrent effect that hostile-environment liability has had in making some bosses think twice before hitting on subordinates or tolerating frat house ugliness.