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This study includes identical twins, fraternal twins and a third group called virtual twins.
Concordance rates are in the upper 20% range for fraternal twins.
Vivienne Souter, a geneticist in Phoenix, Arizona, who investigated the case, said: "Their similarity is somewhere between identical and fraternal twins.
Ford was one of fraternal twins born to the Very Reverend Lionel Ford, headmaster at Harrow and then Dean of York.
The only boy-girl set, Ariana and Frankye Cruz, 4 days old today, are also the only fraternal twins in the bunch.
Author Nancy Segal is Professor of Psychology of the Twin Studies center at CSU Fullerton: her professional career has been devoted to the study of identical and fraternal twins, and INDIVISIBLE BY TWO: LIVES OF EXTRAORDINARY TWINS reflects this long history, following up on her ENTWINED LIVES to reveal the lives of 10 sets of twins, one set of triplets and a set of quads.
It was when we went for the 12-week scan that they told us they were fraternal twins - and we weredelighted.
Genetically identical twins raised in the same environment are three times more likely to both have major depressive disorder than are fraternal twins, who have only about half their genes in common.
Researchers find that 52% of identical twin brothers of gay men were also gay, compared with 22% of fraternal twins and just 11% of adoptive brothers.
And it should be mentioned that just as the aforementioned vehicles have fraternal twins, so too does the Aveo: the Kalos platform, which has been available in Asia and Europe.
It also explains why fraternal twins sometimes have different conception days.
The chances of any couple having fraternal twins is about 1 in 100 births, Austin said.