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Additionally, see Kauffman, Faith and Fraternalism, 289.
For a discussion of these themes in another context, see Clawson, "Early Modern Fraternalism and the Patriarchal Family;" on sprawling translocal artisan networks, see Humphrey Southall, "The Tramping Artisan Revisits: Labour Mobility and Economic Distress in Early Victorian England," Economic History Review 44 (1991): 272-296.
(1982) '"Fraternalism" and "Paternalism" as Employer Strategies in Small Firms', in G.
Kimbrough's mission was to "fully describe and explain black fraternalism," which is difficult to do in a society that views secret societies, including fraternities and sororities, as either antiquated social cultures of elitist perpetuators of brutal hazing.
The emphasis of this collection of nine essays is on the concept of "fraternity"--the effect of the French Revolution upon the emerging artistic organizations known as "brotherhoods." As a result, many of the essays investigate the historical roots of fraternalism and the French Revolution's profound impact upon the individual's relationship to the state and to private and public spheres.
Faith and Fraternalism: A History of the Hibernian Society in New Zealand, 1869-2000.
Believing that compulsory health insurance would substitute "paternalism for fraternalism," fraternal societies joined with commercial insurance companies and labor unions in opposition.
My examination of fraternal club minutes and records makes it clear that for first-generation Slavs ethnic fraternalism entailed a commitment to working-class solidarity.
The decline of American fraternalism has had many causes, as Beito makes clear.
Constructing Brotherhood: Gender, Class, and Fraternalism. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
Fraternalism, paternalism, the family, and the market: Insurance a century ago.
The Thermidorian reaction is echoed in Gerard's depiction of the virtuous citizen as a father rather than a brother, especially with the collapse of popular fraternalism following Prairial and government attempts to stress the role of the family, a policy Girodet will fall foul of when satirizing the scandalous past of the actress Mile Lange, now safely married and thus entitled to respect.