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There fraternising "Yaya is closer to some, I am closer to others," he said.
There's more than tea brewing at Roy's Rolls when the proprietor discovers Becky has been fraternising with Jason behind his back.
Four door staff will have to be employed at all times when it's open, and they will also have to escort the dancers to their cars or taxis so there is no fraternising afterwards.
Because they were manifestly inferior to the Aussies, series after series, the captain decreed there'd be no fraternising on and off the field with the opposition, that snarling was expected on the pitch and nobody should applaud an opponent's century.
A mate, Blondie Bates, pulled my leg that Lena would be fraternising with the lifeguards on Dawlish beach.
There was little fraternising between the club mates during the matches, however, as Collingwood revealed.
Views on the relationship between alcohol and hooliganism are divided: some Member States see it as a cause of violence, while others feel having a drink together before a match can have a fraternising effect.
It seems that people were more concerned about white women fraternising with men of different ethnic origins than the effects that the drugs would have on them.
The players all live in and around Inverness but Doran says there's no fraternising with the enemy
IT might be a sign that she's supremely confident of her dancefloor skills, or maybe just that she's a sociable girl, but Abbey Clancy seems to have no problem fraternising with the Strictly enemy ahead of next Friday's opening contest.
You then had the bizarre situation of, occasionally, German and British officers fraternising in public places.