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While many fraternities and sororities are still backwaters of misogyny, racism, and religious fundamentalism, many others are quite humanistic.
In case of other profession-based fraternities, sororities and organizations, they shall be subjected to disciplinary proceedings by their respective professional boards.
This past week, 1,100 women rushed the 12 sororities of PHA and 800 men rushed the 24 IFC fraternities, dean of students Amy Murphy said.
Trinity also now requires members of fraternities and sororities to maintain a 3.
Similar to SLAG, there are fraternities that commit to "building better men," sororities that seek to "do good," and groups that secure excellence in every capacity of human growth and development.
Fraternities value both the socializing skills and the future wages of their members.
America's historically black fraternities sponsor GreekDiversity.
The implications of these results for fraternities specifically and male-male relationships in general are discussed.
Neighbors demanded the university designate on-campus housing for fraternities and sororities.
A final reason why addressing this population is so important is that fraternities commit over half of all gang rapes on college campuses (O'Sullivan, 1991).
There are gay fraternities and lesbian sororities and I just felt that, that was counterintuitive to my understanding of this population, that gender identity is something that a lot of people deal with," Stensland says.
The fraternity has gotten approval to become a part of the ISU Greek Community by the University Committee on Fraternities and Sororities and the Multicultural Greek Council.