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"Alcohol Use among Fraternity and Sorority Members: Looking at Change over Time." Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education 473:51-66.
"Those who wanted to join the fraternity had to undergo interviews and orientations followed by a period when the aspiring member is asked to do humiliating acts in public.
Couturie said his fraternity feels partially responsible as a member of the UO Greek system.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, Fraternity Community Bancorp, Inc.
An incident involving Oklahoma University's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon sparked a national conversation about college Greek culture in March, when a video surfaced of a fraternity brother singing a racist chant.
After being on probation for most of the previous three years, the fraternity was suspended in October for hosting an unregistered party for about 70 people in August and for a March 2014 party that featured rum, whiskey and other liquor without having a designated server or someone checking IDs.
Fraternity Community Bancorp is the holding company for Fraternity Federal Savings and Loan Association, founded in 1913.
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The fraternity I joined ensured growth as a scholar, leader, athlete, and gentleman.
Popov and Bernhardt, using a "three-signal setting" to determine three kinds of equilibriums, find that data support a "single-peaked" equilibrium, in which the majority of fraternity members fall into the intermediate skill-level category--some less able students apply but are accepted only if they have strong socializing skills, while students with greater ability but lacking socializing skills do not apply.
73, holds that contributions made to a college through a fund raising program for the purpose of acquiring or constructing a housing facility for use by a designated fraternity, under certain terms and conditions, are deductible under Section 170.
In addition to a difficult $1.7 million major renovation project, another successful fraternity brother said it was lime to jettison the popular "Animal House" image of toga parties and debauchery.

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