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Gamburg says that solid fraternization policies are one of the most vital ways in which to either avoid or prevent against even entering into paramour favoritism zones and "in conjunction with an anti-sexual harassment and retaliation policy, will go a long way towards protecting an employer from the practical impact of paramour favoritism claims.
Because fresh troops and ammunition began to arrive as winter came on, the British High Command decided to put a complete end to fraternization by launching a series of large-scale raids.
Canadian female soldiers have themselves identified fraternization as extremely dangerous for the women who engage in it: "no matter how competent you are, if you sleep around, you will ruin your reputation, not only your own but of all women.
Since the topic of fraternization with American servicemen in occupied Germany is at the heart of the story, the talented and dashingly beautiful actress Hildegard Knef, who resided at the time as a veritable war bride in Hollywood, seemed to be destined for the part.
Fraternization occurs when a Government employee and a contractor who are involved in the same contract congenially socialize in any manner.
Two of the articles help to establish the relationship of Jews and Christians as neighbors, showing that common interests superseded admonitions against fraternization.
Yet, as someone who has received challenging reviews in Kola, I should say that fraternization amongst editors and contributors has bred neither homicidal contempt nor truth-corrosive sycophancy.
So much for fraternization, with the whole of France bankrupt--
Whatever the reason for avoiding a total prohibition of fraternization in the workplace, the "love contract" may provide the next best layer of necessary legal protection.
Meeting in No Man's Land: Christmas 1914 and Fraternization in the Great War.
After that, though, the question of fraternization among personnel (frowned upon by higher-ups) just sort of sits there.