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Concerned about the implications of fraternization, especially Christmas cease-fires, which could have a disproportionate emotional resonance, the British High Command, from St.
Fraternization has been punished as a military offense throughout military history.
The appellate court found that Russell had demonstrated that her termination which was allegedly based on the fraternization policy was pretext since there was evidence that other male supervisors who had violated the policy were only asked to alter their living arrangements, or were not disciplined at all if one of the parties voluntarily resigned.
The doula's role, by its very nature, is essentially a kind of fraternization.
The court noted that the department had a legitimate interest in preventing fraternization between its employees and offenders and their families, and that the rule was a rational means for advancing that interest.
Or is the organization more about dealing with female fraternization recovery?
The book occasionally mentions fraternization with male soldiers, but whether women sought or accepted these friendships as a matter of fact remains unclear.
The fraternization among Cypriots--a people long written-off as hopeless victims of "ancient hatreds" and tribal feelings--is of course mainly a compliment to themselves.
But courts may uphold policies on fraternization if employers can articulate job-related reasons for such rules.
Even Mastio & Company's Sixth Edition Natural Gas Transportation Study results are impacted by the internationalization and cross-industry fraternization of numerous consummated acquisitions and mergers this past year.
Absent males could draw a large measure of comfort from abiding credence in local magics denigrating priests as warlocks, warning all members of the commune against too intimate fraternization with them, and rewarding married women as steadfast, faithful partners to their husbands in combat against the alien cure's malevolent supernatural powers.