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"This is an opportunity for students to apply the lessons learned in the course and make difficult decisions in situations involving ethics, working climate, and fraternization," Tortora said.
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The high commands on both sides reacted when they learned of the episodes of fraternization. Many of the actions proved to be counterproductive.
"While we have not been provided with the details of this 'inappropriate relationship,' we accept the characterization by the JQC and Judge Flood's own stipulation that this relationship went beyond the 'fraternization that normally occurs in a professional workplace,'" the court said.
In the 229th SOLO course held at TJAGLCS from 4 to 8 November 2013, the students received instruction on more than twenty subjects, including: fiscal law; consumer law; improper superior/subordinate relationships and fraternization; the commander's role in military justice and unlawful command influence; handling sexual harassment complaints; sexual assault investigations and cases; administrative investigations, nonjudicial punishment and summary courts; means and methods of warfare; the law of federal employment; and military personnel law.
Canadian female soldiers have themselves identified fraternization as extremely dangerous for the women who engage in it: "no matter how competent you are, if you sleep around, you will ruin your reputation, not only your own but of all women." (47) American servicewomen have made precisely the same observation.
Since the topic of fraternization with American servicemen in occupied Germany is at the heart of the story, the talented and dashingly beautiful actress Hildegard Knef, who resided at the time as a veritable war bride in Hollywood, seemed to be destined for the part.
Two likely situations could arise from the Government employee and contractor team-effort relationship: fraternization and complacency.
Many successful CSADD chapters throughout the Navy tackle issues such as drinking, reckless driving, recreational safety, fraternization and other potentially destructive situations to assist Sailors in making positive decisions.
Two of the articles help to establish the relationship of Jews and Christians as neighbors, showing that common interests superseded admonitions against fraternization. Several look at how urban life was depicted in literature, from that of the mystic, Julian of Norwich, to the decidedly secular Chaucer.
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So much for fraternization, with the whole of France bankrupt--