fraud and forgery of documents

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last yr I borrowed 2000 dollars from a bank and a thousand from a friend I also purchased a ford f-150 from the same man. well I went through problems and he took me to court for the checks that I had given him to hold. I have paid the checks and the truck, but he is holding my title for the truck saying thay until the bank is paid I can't have it. he says he co signed for the loan and I contacted the bank last week to get a fax copy of my bank note and my name was the only name on it no co signer signature or anything even stating I had a co signer. well this morning I talked to another lady at the same bank and she said he was a cosigner and then faxed me the same paper except now it had his signature on it (keep in mind he and the lady at the bank are close family friends) so I believe she has contacted him and he has signed the note sometime this week. I was told that he came in and signed it after I had left the bank when I originally got the loan but why wasn't his si gnature there when they faxed me the paper last week. I am scheduled to goto court jan. 19th and was wondering what I should do about the matter and am I entitled to have my title to the truck since it is paid and the loan he gave me is paid it is just the bank loan he is holding my title for. is there anyway i can prove he never cosigned my loan which is now paid off at the bank but he paid a few payments and is trying to sue me for those.


It would be fraud and forgery to change the document now--make sure he answers under oath about that--and she too...
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