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I have written a good deal about instances of conspicuous fraudulence in Klein's art, that is, fraudulence designed to show.
That is, if the count of the Marcos medals is devoid of fraudulence and deception.
The first day of polling was marked by widespread irregularities of names missing, misplacements and delays which were squarely blamed on administrative and technical errors instead of intentional attempt of fraudulence.
11 -- but rather will be rejected because recent history exposes its complete fraudulence, making the film itself an incidental recipient of collateral damage from the terrorist attacks.
Other chapters of Faking It expose alleged fraudulence, sentimentality and selndulgence in all corners of modern British life, including:
In the Japan-born and New York-based photographer's highly sophisticated estheticism, fakery does not automatically imply the hollowness of fraudulence, the distance of irony, nor the emptiness of cynicism as much as it presents the possibility of refinement, nuance, and self-conscious delectation.
36 Views" matches form to content -- this is a play about greed and fraudulence among the most rarefied echelons of private art collecting.