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He assured that "our understanding and assessment is that there has not been such a pattern or irregularity or fraudulence.
The voting process was calm and free of fraudulence or cheating.
Tymoshenko, repeating that she did not recognize Yanukovich as legitimately elected, said she was withdrawing her legal case against his election because the court had refused to study the evidence of fraudulence which she had placed before it.
Aesthetics of fraudulence in nineteenth-century France; frauds, hoaxes, and counterfeits.
It's goldfish number one, two and three, and I didn't want to be goldfish number four" Actress Sharon Stone who has so far resisted cosmetic surgery "When you start becoming really successful, the demons start to tempt you - the demons of vanity and self importance, drug abuse, the feelings of fraudulence.
And, ironically, since their fraudulence is meant to go unnoticed, once detected, fakes can also constitute one of the best and purest kinds of historical source material: the unintentional source, one that is commandeered despite itself to serve interpretive ends of which its creator had no inkling.
Riyadh, October 25, SPA -- The Saudi Interpol has succeeded in extradition of a culprit who has obtained tens of millions by carrying crimes of deceit and fraudulence including issuance of bounced-cheques and fooling people by alleging that he will provide them with great profits.
In the context of Half a Life as a whole, the meeting seems a final confirmation of the total exhaustion of the late-colonial culture in which Willie has been living for so long, but, even more so, it points to the fraudulence of Willie's moral being.
I don't think anyone anticipated this level of fraudulence.
To avoid fraudulence, application for passwords will only be available in person and not online," a spokesman said.
The IPR Department at Dubai Customs, the first of its kind in the Middle East, was established in 2005 as an independent business unit coping with the country's policies and in pursuance to the international agreements and conventions to which UAE is committed as well as to underline the country's desire in safeguarding investors and manufacturers commercial and industrial property rights and protecting consumers against all forms of fraudulence and exploitation that aim at rapid and illegitimate earnings regardless to human health and security.
Hope Cinergy 2009 will have a more stringent submission criteria to avoid such fraudulence.