fraudulent application

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Councillor Jon Hunt (Lib Dem, Perry Barr) investigated the issue in 2013 while chairing the education scrutiny committee, and said every time a fraudulent application went in another local child was robbed of a school place.
The prosecution noted that one mobile phone shop in Tripoli's Qibbeh neighborhood had submitted all eight fraudulent application forms to the alfa telecommunications company on Jan.
In addition to being illegal, Africk said, Washington-Sylve's fraudulent application could have put her daughter in legal jeopardy, and could have taken the money from a student who needed it to go to school.
Plaintiff Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange (CURE) filed a civil complaint seeking a declaration that an automobile insurance policy it issued based on a fraudulent application was void from its inception and that it had no financial obligation under the policy.
There would now be a new action for the fraudulent application and the original state who issued the action could take further action based on actions taken in the other state for fraud.
In plain English, he had submitted a fraudulent application.
Unfortunately, as these cases illustrate, a significant percentage of passports are obtained by fraudulent application, alteration, or counterfeiting.
Exposure to losses may not be limited to the actual dollars charged off on an individual account opened as the result of a fraudulent application.
This letter will also state that you may be guilty of submitting a fraudulent application, depending on the timing of your previous applications in relation to your criminal history.
Those caught making a fraudulent application risk a ban of up to 10 years on entering Britain.
The racecourse spotted a fraudulent application for a bulk purchase of tickets for The Allied Irish Bank GB Beeswing Ladies' Day and cancelled them, but is concerned that innocent race-goers could now be duped into buying them.