fraudulent check

See: bad check
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He was released in June but was arrested again in December after he allegedly tried to cash a fraudulent check.
In submitting these fraudulent check requests, Carlson repeatedly caused securities held by the client to be sold to fund the unauthorized withdrawals.
Brook Street, fraudulent check being passed at Hannaford's.
does not include payee validation, and the fraudulent check was an altered one on which only the payee had been changed.
While banks advised lawyers presenting the fraudulent check to contact authorities about the scam, lawyers have asked the Bar if attorney-client rules might prevent that.
Being able to clear payments more quickly can mean that a fraudulent check may be returned before a collecting bank makes funds available to the depositor.
The sooner a fraudulent check gets caught, the sooner the fraud can get shut down," Dablemont says.
He followed the trail to the financial institution that processed the fraudulent check, where he learned the thief had 11 accounts.
And since sole responsibility for fraudulent check stock and signatures rested with the banks, losses from external sources were not considered important enough to warrant serious attention.
FBI investigations identified common techniques used by fraudulent check passers in New York:
Number one, it's getting easier and easier to produce a fraudulent check, like a phony payroll check, thanks to laser printers and full-color copiers.