fraudulent check

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Santa Rosa police said there are numerous types of scams occurring nationally involving fraudulent check deposits that are initiated via phone or social media and require funds to be sent through Western Union, Money Grams or electronic bank transfers.
Brook Street, fraudulent check being passed at Hannaford's.
does not include payee validation, and the fraudulent check was an altered one on which only the payee had been changed.
There are currently a variety of topics that are already open to be discussed such as How to prevent tenant fraudulent check scams, How to prepare to share a rental with a new Roommate, What is Section 8 and How Can I find Section 8 Housing?
The sooner a fraudulent check gets caught, the sooner the fraud can get shut down," Dablemont says.
And since sole responsibility for fraudulent check stock and signatures rested with the banks, losses from external sources were not considered important enough to warrant serious attention.
FBI investigations identified common techniques used by fraudulent check passers in New York:
The paper provides specific strategies, including suggested hold policies, to combat and prevent losses associated with fraudulent check transactions.
Glodzik allegedly aided in the making of a false statement by using a fraudulent check drawn on a closed bank account as collateral for a $3,500 loan from the credit union to Ninotti in July 2013.
DUBAI: A crime is committed every 26 minutes and a fraudulent check is issued every 46 seconds in Sharjah, according to statistics released by the emirate's police.
It is not uncommon for a fraudulent check ring to hit a store, and the retailer does not realize it for a couple of hours," says Joyce Smart, director of public affairs at Bi-Lo, a division of Ahold USA, located in Mauldin, S.
The Court's Order bans the commercial offering of assistance in fraudulent check creation and delivery as a choice to customers.