fraudulent imitation

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"A fraudulent imitation, Watson, though I should hardly dare to hint as much to our specialist.
New Delhi, June 30 -- Fraudulent imitation has risen steadily over the past decades around the world.
Thus she makes central to her account such problems as the opaqueness of the conscience and the ease of its fraudulent imitation, the fine line between the liberty of the conscience and a rebellion against or a reform of royalism or theocracy, the careful negotiations allowing women to speak as men yet remain decidedly within the patriarchal hierarchy, the distinction between the individual inspired interpreter of the Word and flatulent enthusiasm, and the differences between Puritans within the church and sectarians and separatists without.
European farmers, who have invested heavily in the quality of their products, are short-changed in terms of market share because consumers cannot distinguish between the original product and its fraudulent imitation. Europe's Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy adds that "abuses in third countries undermine the reputation of EU products and create confusion for consumers.