fraught with peril

See: dangerous
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Not only was such an act sacrilegious in its nature, but it was fraught with peril.
But the voyage there is fraught with peril, and his welcome is uncertain.
All his choices are fraught with peril and the potential for drawing the United States into what Secretary of State John Kerry has called "the abyss" of Syria.
I realized being one of the boys is an experiment fraught with peril.
But their joined search continues fraught with peril, and involves the life or death of Tintaglia, the queen of dragons.
Social media can be a great way to encourage patients to get vaccinated or exercise or watch their weight, but postings on Twitter or Facebook can still be fraught with peril, Dr.
They expect a world fraught with peril, and probably too much, though their history suggests that peril is the norm.
Although the nursing home market is protected by the government through such devices as certificate of need laws, it is fraught with peril.
Opec has the chance to re-engage, but of course it means setting individual quotas and sticking to them, which is fraught with peril.
The turbine warranty world is fraught with peril," McMullen said, noting that wind farms can be in locations where winds gust from zero to 200 mph fairly quickly, and that changing the gearbox on one turbine can cost $600,000.