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Number and condition of buckbrush were evaluated on May 16, 2006 as total #, frayed #, and sheared # (A: 35, 10, 19; B: 22, 0, 15; C: 25, 11, 4; D: 117, 0, 78; E: 38, 18, 10).
In an upcoming Journal of the American Chemical Society, Low's group reports results for a chip frayed into eight sections--four coated with a binding peptide and four with a nonbinding peptide.
And until work actually starts on the stadium, those nerves will stay frayed.
It also sported a frayed waistband and was only pounds 20.
Noisy nylon, frayed fabrics, and nubby knits are just some of the 10,000 textures you'll find lurking in your favorite stores this season.
Here is the reason why the gouaches, etchings, and oils of "speculative fiction" are so consistently evocative: they tap into a childhood font that used to be called wonder - now, of course, a frayed, heinous cliche, an Encyclopaedia Brittanica relic.