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On the whistle off you go Across that freakish nightmare land, Through bullets, shells and skies aglow, To make your final stand.
A freakish goal, but a season-changing one for Bruce and Blues, who had brought in the likes of Radhi Jaidi, Bruno N'Gotty, Cameron Jerome and Stephen Kelly in the summer, plus loanees Nicklas Bendtner, Sebastian Larsson and Fabrice Muamba.
Freakish deaths start occurring as the enigmatic Ernessa seems intent on wiping out certain groups of her fellow students.
Freakish "I'm not pointing any fingers at David James.
A jetpack-wearing monkey and a freakish creation from filmmaker Tim Burton were two of the balloons making their first appearance.
A bit freakish to be honest with you - an own goal and then a bad kick out from David De Gea.
What is freakish about inheriting young skin, even into your 70s?
The former Wales football star will play freakish criminal Scales in the superhero drama.
Admittedly, Hussey does have a pair of ears that Dumbo would be proud of and, unlike his team-mates, he doesn't resemble a dyed blond surfer from Home and Away, but freakish is harsh.
This is what happens to Adam Kindred, one May evening in Chelsea, London, when a freakish series of malign accidents and a split-second decision turns his life upside down forever.
Scientists revealed the "rosada" - or pink - iguana is not merely a freakish version of an ordinary land iguana.
It's a shame because a few years ago it seemed like the women's game was picking up and several names popped up who could give the freakish family a run for their money but they all bombed out early in this competition leaving the final a foregone conclusion.