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In addition, Crews links his conception of race to his conception of freakishness, and he describes a sort of racial freakishness in the memoir before he recounts the narrative of his own enfreakment.
Asserting the positive force of Freakishness, both by loving Frankie and calling the Pin Head girl at the Carnival "the cutest little girl [he] ever saw" (27), John Henry is a link to the childhood self that Frankie is constantly disavowing and reabsorbing in her experiments in self-creation.
The story of Michael Jackson has become the tale of our descent into freakishness.
Live darts Sky Sports 2, 7pm THE lunatics are bedding into the Big Brother asylum over on Channel 4 which must be a blessed relief for those requiring their fix of reality TV freakishness, writes Steve Davies.
This is a great opportunity to review proposals to transform Coney Island into a 21st century amusement venue, while preserving the famed freakishness and fun-loving spirit that distinguish it in the American imagination," Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz told Real Estate Weekly.
The threat is assuaged, however, when Spenser invokes Merlin, the most powerful man in Faery Land, to "cure" poor Britomart of her feminine freakishness.
We're living at a time when the surface images of beauty center on the plasticized reinvention of faces and bodies--there's freakishness to this manner of re-making of the self, but also an interesting liberation.
When it comes to freakishness we could be said to be of two minds.
It is easy for us to relegate male rape to a position of triviality or freakishness to be gazed upon uncomfortably because it doesn't fit into our a priori schema of sexual practices and we know that it doesn't quite fit with theories of queerness and consensual homosexual intercourse.
Finally, though, what impresses and haunts you about every one of these portrait subjects is not their freakishness so much as the force and complexity of their personalities, the proud, defiant theatricality of their self-presentation.
supervisors by first name and commenting on their "random freaking out" and "anal retentive control freakishness.
Thersites' physical freakishness exposes the sexual and appetitive motives of Agamemnon and Achilles, and for his pains is pummeled and harried.