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Maybe we're freaking out about the lack of freaking-out--just a little--and maybe the violence threat is disconcerting, but it's part of a bigger issue because nobody freaks out .
Ten in One shows displayed 10 freaks on a platform in front of an audience, as people slowly walked past them.
On Saturday, get ready to rock it out with the experimental rock band from Gothenburg in Sweden, Freak Kitchen.
Freaks are much sought after by conchologists (people who study mollusk shells) and serious shell collectors with a penchant for the grotesquely gorgeous and the weirdly wonderful.
Also in the episode, the freaks took their revenge on Stanley, cutting his legs, hands and tongue, and they put him in a cage.
Intriguing questions, unexpected answers and stellar storytelling make Think Like a Freak a fun, satisfying read.
Freaks illustrates the risks that such a narrative entails: at odds with an outsider who rejects their utopian community, Browning's freaks demonstrate the ease with which a dissenting group celebrating difference can reproduce the oppression and violence that it had hoped to escape.
who is a "collector of freaks,'' said Bassett, who continued, "(She) will do anything -- and I don't know what 'anything' might be -- to keep this dying cottage industry alive just a little bit longer.
Control freaks tend to publicly admonish their inferiors, especially during meetings.
London, Sept 11 ( ANI ): A new team of fitness freaks have combined clubbing and exercising together, where you can burn calories while going rave.
Dance school teacher Nazene, from Childwall, is one quarter of ClubTown freaks - the unusual act who have got through to the live semi finals of Britain''s Got Talent tomorrow night.
Holleran says, "her affection for freaks makes us feel she's one of us; for if homosexuals aren't freaks in this world, what are they?