free decision

References in classic literature ?
Paul's Churchyard', did not feel indisposed towards my aunt's suggestion; which she left to my free decision, making no scruple of telling me that it had occurred to her, on her lately visiting her own proctor in Doctors' Commons for the purpose of settling her will in my favour.
NNA - The Lebanese Kataeb Party on Wednesday congratulated the Lebanese on the New Year, pledging to continue its national struggle to restore the State's sovereignty and free decision and counter the authority's indulgence in power-sharing quotas, squandering and corruption.
It was Britain's free decision to join the union 44 years ago, and since then the other members have done their best to accommodate British needs.
If the choice reflects not a free decision to act virtuously but only a desire to avoid the government's punishment, no real virtue exists, only compliance compelled by fear.
Sheikh Qassem said Iran is a role model for making an independent power and free decision making.
Bishop Peter Smith of East Anglia said, "The key issue is not orientation, but whether an individual is mature and able to make the free decision to live a chaste and celibate life which is the norm for Catholic priests.
For his part, President al-Assad pointed out that the success of the elections process and the high turnout of voters highlighted the strength of the Syrian people and their adherence to their free decision despite the difficult and extraordinary circumstances that are taking place in Syria and the attempts of some outside sides to impose their will on the Syrians.
Hence, Al-Assad believes he is also defending his country's sovereignty and free decision, as per the slogans currently being raised in Egypt and calling on the Western governments not to interfere in Egyptian affairs.
Sudan has adopted self reliance with neutral policy depending on Sudanese identity and free decision making .
In contrast to an earlier age, it will be seen much more as a voluntary society, entered only by free decision.
In contrast to an earlier age, she will be seen much more as a voluntary society, entered only by free decision.
For now let's leave for the interpreters of Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky the question of whether it is allowable to sacrifice for the sake of the state the lives of those less worthy to live, or the life of even one innocent person (unless that person chooses to lay down his life for his country, but in that case this is his own free decision, not a matter for military bureaucrats and their social engineering), and let's instead ask if a political elite who turn over some of their citizens for annihilation, or merely place them outside the category of human beings, are heroes, or whether they are traitors to their state and its citizens.