free from difficulty

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According to the judgment, the question of law is 'that involves interpretation of the law, rules, instructions, notifications or governmental policy' and 'that has not been finally settled by the Supreme Court or is not free from difficulty or ambiguity or calls for discussion of alternative views'.
[D]ealing with the distinction between acts jure imperii and acts jure gestionis, these terms, which are really only the functional equivalent of sovereign acts and commercial acts, in themselves are not free from difficulty. We felt that rather than relying on perhaps outdated Latin terminology, focusing on commercial activity and talking about the nature of the activity would make it much easier for the courts to adapt this kind of test and bring it within the role which they perform to a day-to-day-basis.'"
Clarke's studies of particular sectors are better than his theoretical structure, but they are not free from difficulty. Most chapters summarize - usefully, it must be said - the work of others.