free from doubt

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For first, though he had sufficient foundation to flatter himself in what he had observed in Sophia, he was not yet free from doubt of misconstruing compassion, or at best, esteem, into a warmer regard.
I have carefully searched the oldest voyages, but have not finished my search; as yet I have not found a single instance, free from doubt, of a terrestrial mammal (excluding domesticated animals kept by the natives) inhabiting an island situated above 300 miles from a continent or great continental island; and many islands situated at a much less distance are equally barren.
Alarm at the possible effect on himself of her husband's strongly manifested anger, would have checked any expression of her own resentment, even if she had been quite free from doubt and compunction under the consciousness that there might be some justice in his last insinuation.
'Even otherwise on an independent analysis, genesis of prosecution case does not appear to be free from doubt,' the order read.
Using the new rate of 0.75 per cent, the award in such a case would instead be valued at approximately [pounds sterling]8 million - a significant difference which should hopefully help claimants plan for a more secure future, free from doubt on how inflation may diminish the value of their settlement.
Black-letter law refers to the concept that rules are generally well-known and free from doubt or dispute.
According to Carter, Reprogram Yourself for Unstoppable Self-Confidence breaks down many secrets, including tips like: how to find and understand the root cause of a lack of self-confidence, how to reprogram your mind to be more confident, how to be free from doubt and worry, and how best to avoid common pitfalls on the route to becoming a more confident and effective person.
Imagine what it will be like, One smiling day, set free from doubt, Going for a walk by the lake, No grey wolf likely to jump out.
The court's analysis of this issue is not expansive, and its reasoning-which arguably expands the substantive requirements of the BSA based on the civil penalty provision-is not free from doubt. The Haider opinion is unlikely to be the last word on the issue.
Because of me she has taken refuge in me, taken refuge in the Dharma, and taken refuge in the community of monks; she is free from doubt in regard to the Buddha, free from doubt in regard to the Dharma, and free from doubt in regard to the community; she is free from doubt in regard to dukkha, its arising, its cessation, and the path [to its cessation]; she is endowed with faith ...
She really takes to heart the message of of her latest TV commercial for RiteMed (RM), Maging ligtas sa duda (Be free from doubt).
If this country should ever reach a point where any man or group of men by force or threat of force could long defy the commands of our court (and our Constitution), then no law would stand free from doubt, no judge would be sure of his writ, and no citizen would be safe from his neighbors."