free from encumbrance

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Under the terms of the Contract to Sell, Orly, as seller, agreed to, among others, that: (a) after the spouses Abe and Lerma have paid the amount of P20,000, the balance of P40,000 payable in monthly installments of P1,015.74, for five years to start on June 30, 1988 and for every 30th of the month thereafter; (b) he also bound himself to execute a first deed of sale over the said property and deliver title to the vendees over said property free from encumbrance and liens upon full payment of the purchase price of the property; and (c) upon full payment of purchase price, he shall deliver to the buyers a final Deed of Sale and Certificate of Title in their names free of encumbrance.
d) The bidder shall be free from encumbrance and there shall not be any vigilance case/
Singh directed that properties which were free from encumbrance should be disposed of quickly for monetisation.
For Claire to be held liable, the following elements must be proven beyond reasonable doubt: (1) that the thing disposed of be real property; (2) that the offender knew that the real property was encumbered, whether the encumbrance is recorded or not; (3) that there must be express representation by the offender that the real property is free from encumbrance; and (4) that the act of disposing of the real property be made to the damage of another.
The bidder shall be free from encumbrance and there shall not be any vigilance case/CBI Case/ Court Case pending against him.
According to the Investment Agreement, Famous Champion Limited ("Famous Champion"), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Leyou Technologies will subscribe for approximately 70% of the equity interests of Chengyou by way of capital injection as first consideration in the amount of RMB100,000,000; and subscribe Chengyou's equity interests (30% equity interests in Chengyou) upon the first completion ("First Completion"), free from encumbrances, at the second consideration of not exceeding RMB200,000,000 in any event.
class="MsoNormalAway from this case is a Memorandum of Understanding between the estate of Arthur Magugu in which it had agreed to give six individuals 48 per cent of 33.3 hectares as a gesture of reciprocity if they manage to free from encumbrances whatsoever including removal of squatters and any adverse claimants to the land by exposing and procuring the cancellation of any fake titles.
'Although the management has engaged a consultant to conduct verification of all its properties, no documents were presented for audit to confirm that the parcels are owned by the authority (KPA) and were free from encumbrances,' Ouko says.
Despite 84,000 applicants, 25,000 registrants still await allotment OCT 21, 2009: HC restrains DDA from auctioning any plot of land in Rohini till further orders till it allotted plots to the 25,000 remaining applicants DEC 17, 2009: Delhi HC lifts stay and asks DDA to complete allocation process within three years MARCH 14, 2012: DDA tells HC plots free from encumbrances and there are no impediments in developing the land and handing over possession to registrants MARCH 15, 2012: HC asks DDA to begin draw of lots and complete process within three months MAY 15, 2012: Registrants come to know through an RTI that DDA planned to give them under- sized and underdeveloped plots.
ERA I has been constructed on a plot free from encumbrances, except the mortgage of land titles to Housing Development Finance Corporation for loan facilities.
On the basis of that finding of fraud, the judge made orders requiring the property register to be rectified so as to register both men as the owners of the freehold interest in four of the properties, free from encumbrances, and owners of the leasehold interest in the remaining two properties, also free from encumbrances.
Currently, the seller's obligations are the following: (1) to provide "marketable title thereto in fee simple, free from encumbrances and defects[,]"(104) and (2) "to take affirmative action to convey a marketable title according to his contract of sale, and therefore, under the usual contract of sale, [to undertake] to pay off items that are concededly liens upon the property."(105)