free from guilt

References in classic literature ?
Well, I said, the law says that when a man is acquitted he is free from guilt, and what holds at law may hold in argument.
You ignored all my arguments which the High Court has considered as 'substantial evidence' to make them free from guilt.
I sometimes dream of winning the lottery so that all my problems will be solved, and so that I'll be free from guilt once I push my personal happiness.
the child seems remarkably free from guilt, anguish, or remorse about the estrangement;
2 : free from guilt or blame <He is innocent of the charges.
It may well be that to get really free from guilt they will need to go another step further and confess their guilt to the person they have injured.
Studies are showing that the benefits associated with a pet-friendly work environment include much more than minor midday distractions or employees free from guilt associated with leaving their four-legged friends at home.
Now you don't smoke you can also meet up with friends and family free from guilt.