free from harm

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References in classic literature ?
And, had you cut my body with your swords, Or hew'd this flesh and bones as small as sand, Yet in a minute had my spirit return'd, And I had breath'd a man, made free from harm. But wherefore do I dally my revenge?-- Asteroth, Belimoth, Mephistophilis?
But he added: "It's worth it when you watch a captive animal settle into a new life free from harm."
On the one hand, we want "freedom", but we also want safety, and to live our lives free from harm.
Sofosbuvir (SFV), also known as GS-7977, is a nucleotide analogue polymerase which prevents non-structural protein (NS-5B) and is currently the most innovative, powerful and free from harm prodrugs, with huge SVR rates and is applied by mixing alongside other medicinal products for the medication of HCV infections [10, 11].
"As a council, we always try to work with businesses to ensure they are taking health and safety seriously but will not hesitate to use the power of the law to keep the public safe and free from harm.
The HHS Administration for Children and Families Secretary, Lynn Johnson, is calling on leaders at all levels to build the roadmap of child and family well-being together by understanding and then creating the conditions that keep children free from harm. To think that our traditional child protection system can or should do this completely ignores the way any of us experience the world.
The Budget includes $4 million to ensure protection and support for people with specialist disability accommodation residency agreements by giving them greater choice and control over their lives and accommodation, free from harm and abuse.
She showed me a kind of love that I didn't think I needed, but throughout time, I realized that it was a kind of love that shaped me into being who I am today, and being free from harm. Because of those instances, I am eternally grateful for being blessed with such a great mom!
Representatives of Scottish Fire and Rescue taught the pupils about rescue equipment while the council's road safety team highlighted ways for the children to keep themselves and others free from harm.
Hospitals must meet the DOH's criteria: safety of patients and employees and infection control, highlighting programs to keep the environment free from harm; service provision, which pertains to innovations implemented that impact on patient's care and outcome; customer and employee satisfaction, being plans and projects that promote increases in the level of satisfaction of employees and customers; community-based projects and activities, being innovation to promote health in the community; quality improvement, with the provision of plans, studies, and projects to continually improve systems, patient safety, and clinical outcomes.
We were part of the conversations that will help guide the path to our future, the path to expanded care access, top of license practice, and a workplace free from harm.
5, spokeswoman for the march Hung Fu-wei told CNA that the event was organized to promote animal welfare, and to advocate for the notion that all animals have the right to live free from harm.