free from limitation

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The first story in the app titled "Blue Moon," challenges users with true-to-life obstacles which empower children to face their fears, break free from limitation, and open themselves to unearthing their love for adventure and discovery within.
Roberson knows what it means to live a life free from limitations, having overcome a serious cycling accident in 2008, to ride again and begin his own business.
But, free from limitations on where it can borrow money and EU regulations on state aid, the bank will be able to access a much greater volume of capital.
Businesses Breaking Free from Limitations of Sage Select NetSuite Cloud to Enable Growth
Scott Nicholson, director of operation services, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, stated, "We are thrilled to offer Wi-Fi Internet access to our consumers free from limitations.
Zilkha chose voluntarily to relinquish his role as an advisory director, so as to be free from limitations on his personal sales of company stock.
Designed to enable a new generation of digital imaging systems, inspection systems, and bio-instrumentation, the Sapphire laser is free from limitations associated with the air-cooled argon-ion lasers currently used in those applications.