free from obstruction

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The latter, though sometimes boisterous, are generally free from obstructions, and easily navigated; but the rivers to the west of the mountains descend more steeply and impetuously, and are continually liable to cascades and rapids.
'There is a need to demolish [the] said infrastructure for the benefit of the public, to make the [road] free from obstruction,' Eleazar said.
According to MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, the agency will do regular clearing operations at the 17 Metro Manila local government units to make sure that all roads will be free from obstruction within the timeframe of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).
The offences were: | Failing to keep the kitchen, walls, floors and internal doors clean and maintained in good repair and condition; | Failure to provide hygienic hand-drying facilities and failure to ensure the hand basin drained correctly and was free from obstruction; | Failure to ensure refrigerators, freezers, deep fat fryers, kebab spit, extraction canopy, filters and containers were cleaned and disinfected; | Failure to ensure chopping boards were in a good condition, clean and disinfected; | Failure to maintain personal cleanliness of food handlers and to ensure they were wearing clean protective clothing; | Failure to ensure food is protected against contamination, with raw food stored in a refrigerator above ready-to-eat food.
Failure to provide hygienic hand-drying durham facilities and failure to ensure the hand basin drained correctly and was free from obstruction; ?
As usual, in line with laid down regulations, the officials met severally with the owners of the illegal stalls to make them understand the need to keep the Airport expressway free from obstruction so as to save lives and property against the frequent accidents that occur due to the encroachment of the road by the illegal market.
The inspection highlighted a number of concerns and areas where the trust must improve, including: | Adequate numbers of qualified staff needed to be made available across all services, particularly in maternity services and the emergency department; | Equipment needed to be kept in good working order and fit for purpose across all services; | Keeping all fire exits free from obstruction.
Check all air vents are clear and free from obstruction - some boilers require combustion air intake from the room in which they are fitted, so these vents are there for that purpose.
"Keeping our pavements free from obstruction is of paramount importance to the council and we believe that smaller black bins will help in that regard," he said.
He made it clear that "the issue of the formation of the government is not free from obstruction and attempts to sabotage efforts to negotiate performed by some persons for purposes of foil these negotiations to prevent rights' holders to meet their demands."
The mechanical and electrical components are housed separately at the back of the machine, while the front is free from obstruction and quick and easy to clean in every visible or hidden point.
The last POIC descending the mast shall ensure all antenna safety-cutout switches are returned to their normal operating position, ensure all antennas are free from obstruction, and conduct a FOD walkdown of the entire mast.